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Jun 18, 2008

Update: Spoofed?

Some guy from Spain has come up with his own paper toy of the infamous but talented singer Amy Winehouse using the 'Toy-A-Day' template!

You can check out his blog here, though I have to warn you it's in Spanish! You can also read the Google-translated English version here.

And if that's not enough, here's another one by his friend who made this toy of the hugely popular Spanish cartoon character called Mortadelo. Check out his blog here!

Awesome guys!


XCAR Malavida said...

Hi Joe.
That paper toy is a joke, i've drawned my cartoon "Chefo" disguised like Amy Winehouse.

Joseph Chiang said...

Thanks xcar,

I got the joke! Your comic books are cool!

Mortadelón said...

Thanks for stay Mortadelo in your page. I like soon make the toy of this partner Filemón.

Oriol said...

Mortadelo&Filemón, yeah, they're very popular in Spain.

Mortadelo's funny ;)

Saludos ;)


PS: Has the contest started?

latro said...

What lovely toys! I've never seen such a funny Spider-Man.
Congratulations for your blog.
I've linked it in my web.

Elizabeth said...

What is that old, Russian quotation?? Doesn't it go something like, "Imitation is the best form of vlattery."

Joseph Chiang said...

Hi Oriol, no the contest have not started yet.

Latro, thanks for the link!

Elizabeth, yes I have to agree with you! Frankly, I feel honored more than flattered!


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