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Jun 10, 2008

Day 22: Mike Wazowski

Mike Wazowski is a fictional character in the Pixar animated feature film, Monsters, Inc.

He is a Cyclops monster in the shape of a tennis ball, with one large eys, two horns on his head, and arms and legs, no torso. He was voiced by Billy Crystal and made cameo appearance in several other Pixar films such as Finding Nemo (while snorkelling), and Toy Story (as a toy).

PDF here.


shams said...

Can I make a request?
The little Boo from Monster's Inc is so lovely !!
It's my favorite character from Pixar...

And Again, congratulations for your job!

Shams from France!!

Joseph Chiang said...

Hi Shams,

I will definitely put that down in my notebook. Meanwhile I have several interesting characters coming up the next few days!


Operator said...

I love it! When will we be able to download them?

wildman said...

I just ordered Sulley on Etsy. My new favorite. Looking foward to Mike. Boo would be a good choice to add to your models and please make us some other critters from Monsters Inc

Joseph Chiang said...

You should be able to download them in a few days.

Meanwhile I'm working on the new toys for the next few days' postings. I promise there'll be some interesting characters coming your way!


pixies said...

Awesome!I love your work!Look forward to Zelda and Link(they are sure to come,right?)

KevinDeLuca1 said...

I'm looking forward to these next few days, Hope you really meant what you said about them being interesting.

Unknown said...

ey Joe,

how cool is this??!! :-)

love your work (so do my kids). looking forward cutting and glueing my suggestions:

- basic lego character
- elmo or ernie & bert
- sid from ice age

many thanx!

chrs, /ro

Adamlo said...

Nice project, this is too cool. Now I just need a Bill Gates to go with Steve Jobs!

Dracula Casanova said...

This is great! I have two requests...

1. Please Please do a Colombo (peter falk) one. I will honestly check this site everyday.

2. My co-worker is an Ace Freely nut, I would love to make a papercraft version for him. I've checked the old inter-web and you would be the first!

Thanks again for making my day a work, much, much better.

cuttyshark said...

Such a great project - and it's godo to find things that little kids can also make, but have a complexity that adults appreciate. My requests would be Kiki, Totoro, the cat bus, and Sasuki and Mei, from studio ghibli films. As the mother of two daughters, I can't find enough girl heroines to show them that they too are entitled to be brave, special, and clever.

Bangkok Expat said...

Love it! And I'd also love to write a feature of your project. Could you please email me?

(can't find an address anywhere, lah)

Joseph Chiang said...

Hi everyone,

Please excuse me if I didn't reply to everyone, but rest assured I am taking all your suggestions and requests into consideration and writing them down in my notebook.

I would like to thank everyone for all the support, which is a big help for me to last the distance!


Joseph Chiang said...

Hey bangkok expat,

How do I email you when you didn't provide an email address?

tings said...

I agree, Sulley will be lonely without Boo. :-)

Guru said...

Thanks ! I really love it

As like shams, I would like to see Boo as a paper-toy :)

Иú®iĂ said...

I am Spanish and I don't speak or write English well, I hope that I understand (what I mean)

congratulations on the dolls, I love Mike and Sulley ... and stitch (Lilo & Stitch film), how do you plan to Stitch?

Joseph Chiang said...

Yes, I will surely make Stitch one day!


KiMuSa said...

And where is Boo? the character is missing from the film

Ricardo Halmoguera said...

Hello where i can download the PDF?

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