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Jun 17, 2008

Update: Contest

I am planning to hold a 'Make Your Own Toy' contest in the coming weeks. Within these few days, I will upload a blank template so that anyone interested to take part in the contest can download it, print it out and design his/her own character.

The ONLY rule is that it has to be hand-drawn and colored (no computer software is allowed).

More details and the prizes for the contest will be posted once I got things worked out. Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions or want to sponsor a prize, please let me know.


shams said...

Yeeesss! That's a very good idea!
Have you done some TV or press interview?
I will send your link to some TV shows in france... We never knows!

I think that if everyone find your blog amazing is because we can build your toy with the pdf, and that makes us "actors" and not only "viewers" of your work, if you know what I mean...

Nice work again for the recents update!

Elizabeth said...

I really dig what you're doing here. Fantastic interaction between the artist and the audience.


Martín Guazzaroni said...

good! It's a good idea... I would like participate... when do you post the information to the contest?...

blog is exellent

and here
the forum's users like very much yours toys ;)

Martin, from Argentina ;)

Slugma88 said...

can i sponsor?:)

me said...

That is an amazing idea!
I found out about you and even wrote about it in my blog. You're becoming famous here in Brazil too! :D


I am so going to take part on you contest! :)


Joseph Chiang said...

Hi Shams,
Thanks for your suggestions. I'm just glad that people are having fun making and collecting these toys!

Checked out your Etsy shop - your prints are gorgeous! You should try submitting them to the Skull A Day site ( I'm sure they will love it!

I hope to start the contest as soon as I got the little details worked out.

Sure, your support will be greatly appreciated!

thanks for blogging about toy-a-day! i look forward to your participation!

Have a great day!

Unknown said...

I love this site. The designs are clever and simple enough for my 4 year old and I to do; we do one every day. Can't wait to enter the comp!

What sort of prizes are you looking at? I could donate some of my art. I'm in Australia.


Joseph Chiang said...

Thanks for the offer, Kate! I'll let you know once I work out the details in the next few days.


Oriol said...

Congratulations, I love all this stuff, my little bro, and his friends love doing it ;) Well, me too :)

Surely we'll participe in the Contest


One more time; Congratz!

Oriol, from Catalunya ( Spain )

FinoBlogger said...

I want to participate too!!

I've got some ideas, so I'll be waiting for the contest.


Fino from Spain

Joseph Chiang said...

Thanks, Oriol and Finoblogger! Looking forward to your participation!

I saw this spoof on a Spanish site (I think), but unfortunately I don't understand Spanish!


LëëLöö said...

Heyy!! I like the idea =D
Can we participate with more than one toy?? I Think i wouldn't make just one lol
I came up with my own idea of A-day blog, then I discovered yours haha.
I´ve already printed one toy ^^ (Jack Skellington)
Keep it up! Good Luck!!!

Joseph Chiang said...

Hi leeloo,

Well I guess I won't limit the number of entry per person. The less rules, the better.

Keep on blogging!

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