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Jun 11, 2008

Day 23: Tinky Winky (Teletubbies)

Tinky Winky is one of the four colorful characters from the BBC children's television series, primary aimed at pre-school viewers, produced from 1997 to 2001 by Ragdoll Productions. Created by Anne Wood CBE, Ragdoll's creative director, and Andrew Davenport, who wrote each of the show's 365 episodes, the program rapidly became a critical and commercial success in Britain and abroad. Although the show is aimed at children between the ages of one to four, it has been a substantial cult hit with older generations.

Tinky Winky (the purple Tubby) is the largest of the Teletubbies, with a triangular antenna on his head. He is notable for the red luggage (described by the show as a "magic bag", but often described by other media as a handbag) he carries. His character has caused much controversy due to allegations that his character's behaviour carried homosexual undertones.

PDF here.


KevinDeLuca1 said...

Somehow I always knew this teletubbie was the gay one, even as a child.

good idea for a series though!

Sven | Blog 7 said...


Please, no more Teletubbies!! :)

superSebas said...

Good work but the face looks really scary. ;)

Operator said...

Even though, I really don't like the Teletubbies, this one looks really good!

By the way: Do you plan to make Batman? That would be REALLY great!

Joseph Chiang said...

Hi operator,

Thanks, I will definitely make Batman one of these days, and in a few different costumes. And Robin too!

Operator said...

Hi joe,

that sounds really awesome!

I specifically bought some special (= thicker) paper yesterday so that your toys are firmer :)

superSebas said...

i forgot to ask if there will be a way you let your readers decide wich toy they want next? =)

Adamlo said...

This is great! Are all of the toys going to be available in pdf for download at some point?

Unknown said...

these are awesome. i would like to request storm shadow from g.i. joe and a skull leader from robotech. very, very impressive.

Alex said...

Any chance you could make Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy VII??

Alex said...


Joseph Chiang said...

Supersebas, I will consider the idea of letting the readers vote for what they want to see next - I just need some time to work things out. I am also planning a toy-designing contest for everyone soon!

Adamlo, I will try to make every toy available for download.

Mark, I have put your requests down in my notebook. Thanks!

Alex, I will try my best to see to your suggestion.

Have a great day everyone!

Alex said...

Thanks, man. I appreciate it.

bo said...

hey joe! not sure how i feel about tinky winky but i'm pretty sure i'll still be downloading it and putting it together when it's up ;)

anyways, can you please do ralph wiggum from the simpsons (maybe with a bottle of glue in his hand? :D) and maybe other simpsons characters? keep up the wonderful work! i can't get enough of your toys!

Joseph Chiang said...

Thanks bo, I will definitely do some characters from the Simpsons and Futurama perhaps in the near future!


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