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Jun 6, 2008

Update: Day 10 to 18

Clockwise from top left corner: Andy Warhol, R2-D2, The Cat in the Hat, Raphael (TMNT), Super Mario, Optimus Prime, Jack Skellington, Doctor Octopus, Pink Panther.


tings said...

Good Lord these are amazing! I'm passing this link to all of my friends! I love Hello Kitty the most - I'm a girl so that's no surprise :-D

Oh, would you mind if I request for Pocoyo (and/or his friends)? I'll fall off my chair if you turn them into these wonderful toys (I would even send you a picture)!

Joseph Chiang said...

Hi tings,

Thanks for the support! I will write that down in my note book and try to do it if I can.


tings said...

Oh thank you! (for even considering it). :-)

Unknown said...

How do you download the other ones that are not in the "download Here" column?

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