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Feb 1, 2009

Day 89: Sally

Sally is a fictional character in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas, and is the main female protagonist of the film.

She was created by Doctor Finklestein, Halloween Town's resident mad scientist. As Finklestein insists on keeping Sally under lock and key, under the pretext of protecting her from the excitement of the outside world, Sally becomes restless. It is this restlessness that draws her to Jack Skellington.

Download the PDF file here and make your own Sally toy, or click here for more Nightmare Before Christmas toys!


Max said...

Cool, My mum wants one of these for her desk. You should do the proffesor who made her

LëëLöö said...

she's pretty!!!

JuanolO said...

Hello Joe,
Your idea are excellent, and your toys are really pretty.
See you!!! :)
I'm going to link your blog right now.

Anonymous said...

wow, this is some great art!

dpanupam said...

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