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Oct 28, 2008

Day 75: Emily the Strange

Emily the Strange is a fictional counterculture character, created by Rob Reger and his company Cosmic Debris Etc. Inc. Emily the Strange first appeared on a sticker, a freebie distributed at concerts, record stores and skate shops to promote Cosmic Debris, the clothing line founded by skateboarder Rob Reger and racecar driver Matt Reed.

Although the Emily the Strange character dates from 1991, the 1978 children's book Nate the Great and the Lost List features a similar young girl named Rosamond. Like Emily, Rosamond has long black hair and a short black dress, white mary jane shoes, four black cats of different sizes, and is frequently described as "strange." In particular, the text of Nate the Great introduces Rosamond: "Rosamond did not look hungry or sleepy. She looked like she always looks. Strange." An early Emily the Strange sticker has the text: "Emily did not look tired or happy. She looked like she always looks. Strange." Multiple sources have noted this overlap, but no official statements have been issued by any of the copyright holders involved.

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JoE said...

Happy Halloween!


LëëLöö said...


necc500 said...

hate to break it to you but emily the strange is a rip off of someone elses word ,if you don't belive look at this

tt said...

en wonderful!

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