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Sep 3, 2008

Day 63: Stewie Griffin

Stewart Gilligan Griffin, more commonly known by his nickname "Stewie", is a fictional character in the animated series Family Guy. Stewie is obsessed with world domination and trying to kill his mother, and has an ambiguous sexuality. He is the youngest and the smartest child of Peter and Lois Griffin.

Wizard magazine rated him the 95th greatest villain of all time.

Download the PDF here.


Jayne said...

I would love to see Napoleon Dynamite!
Love your site.

Drummyralf said...

This is slightly offtopic, but I can't find any contact button on your site. That's why I'll just ask you in a comment.

I really love your papercraft site, and would love to share links with eachother. My site is Feel free to email me a button of your site if you have one.


mister Barman said...

Excellent Work!

I've just done your 'Stewie version' and was awesome!


~ said...

Hi! I'm Ying Zhen, the reporter from Zaobao. I've emailed you my reply. Not sure if you received it? Please do contact me at 6319-1830 or

Alternatively, can you email me your contact number?

Thank you very much and have a lovely week!

Me and The Boys said...

Love this idea! We downloaded Raph from TMNT and Spiderman....Thanks for a fun afternoon activity!

richard said...

When's the next model contest?

I think it should


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