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Mar 12, 2009


The Comedian PDF is now available for download here. It's the first time I'm using the new template which is designed so that the toy can be built without using any glue or tapes. Whether you like this new template or not, please let me know what you think.


security-six said...

I wasn't looking forward to the new template format. The tab/slot construction is better then most, though getting it together is a bit clumsy for me. Hard to get the arms through/attached w/o popping tabs out of place. Think I might stick to my glue. Still a great series! I'll continue to look forward to upcoming toys. Thanks!

Joseph Chiang said...

Thanks for the feedback! As with the old template, the trick is to slot the arms through first before putting the whole thing together.

Squirtle said...

I like the old ones because i don't have something really god for cutting this spaces.

To pass the arms trough i cut very badly with a knife.

Joseph Chiang said...

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I will evaluate and see if I need to improve on the 'glueless' model or revert to the original template.

Aimee Marie said...

This is too fucking cool. Great 365 idea! I haven't made any yet, so I can't give you feedback on the new template, but I will, in time!

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