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Oct 18, 2008

Day 73: Yoda

Yoda is a fictional character from the Star Wars universe, who appears in all of the franchise's films except for Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Frank Oz provided Yoda's voice in each film and lent his skills as a puppeteer in the original trilogy and The Phantom Menace. Yoda first appears in the saga in The Empire Strikes Back as a Jedi Master, and trains Luke Skywalker in the ways of the Jedi. In the prequel trilogy, he serves as Grand Master of the Jedi Order.

Download the PDF file here!


Call it Red Frisbee said...

hahah, this is awesome. A Darth Maul one would be sick!

nessy said...

dear joe
I will use your figures as placeholders to my graduation party. for each person a suitable character.
there is only a problem. I need more female characters. can you help me?

Joseph Chiang said...


you can use my blank template and create the characters you want.


mister Barman said...

Good job!!!!.... I'm waiting for the pdf file... I hope it doesn't take a long time! :)

Joseph Chiang said...

the pdf is up!

nessy said...


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