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May 25, 2008

Day 6: Obelix

Obelix is a sidekick with superhuman strength in the Asterix comic books. He is Asterix' closest friend (they even have the same birthday) and works as a menhir delivery man when not bashing Romans. Obelix also owns the quarry where he chisels the menhirs himself. It is never directly stated what the menhirs are used for, though it is hinted that they are just oversized knick-knacks. Obelix usually trades the stones away for whatever he needs, resulting in the village having a literal field of menhirs.

PDF here!


Unknown said...

OBELIX! He was my favourite character in, I've gotta go back and reread some of those - they were awesome. I just found your blog through bad I missed the PDF files already. Will you be having those available again? I'd love to have Obelix sitting on my desk. :)

I've bookmarked your site and I'll be checking back to see what new characters you have. If you made Aria-shachou (President Aria) from the manga/anime ARIA, that would be awesome ;)

Joseph Chiang said...

Yes, I will have Obelix in my Etsy shop available for free soon!

Thanks for watching!

superSebas said...

too bad that all pdfs are already bought in the shop :(
i really wanted Obelix and Hello Kitty!

Joseph Chiang said...

They should be available for download here pretty soon!

cx420ns said...

is there going to be an asterix toy?

i remember devouring these comics in the corner of the library, tintin as well. good ol days =)

docrock said...

Man Iam loving it. I grew up Reading Asterix and Obelix adventures keep it up!

Unknown said...

Oh no I just came across this and missed out :-(

Any chance of getting a link to Obelix and Tintin pretty please? Thank you.

Well done for all the hard work you have put into this!

Unknown said...

Found the link.. Thanks ;-) Any chance of Asterix too pretty please? Thank you.

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