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Apr 5, 2009

Reader's submission: South Park by Andrey and Katya

These South Park paper toys are sent to me by Andrey and Katya from Russia, which they made using the Toy-A-Day template. You can download the PDF files from their website.

You can also get the blank template from the Toy-A-Day Facebook group to make your own toys.


Arthur said...

Nice! I liked! This weekend i probably will make one of them =]

line_jf said...

Hello! I like so much your toys and could you make the members of KISS? Thanks! ;D

Markus said...

Great blog...the first one I actually subscribed!

I've made Pokemon, Mr.Spock and the kid from family them away as little presents with speech bubbles.

question: what drawing program can I use to make my own character? I would like to enter the competition...


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