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Jul 16, 2008

Day 56: Ultraman

Ultraman is a fictional character featured in tokusatsu, or "special effects" television programs. Ultraman made his debut in the tokusatsu SF/kaiju/superhero TV series, Ultraman, a follow-up to the television series Ultra Q. The show was produced by Tokyo Broadcasting System and Tsuburaya Productions, and was broadcast on Tokyo Broadcasting System from July 17, 1966 to April 9, 1967, with a total of 39 episodes.

Download the PDF here.


JoE said...

Another one of my childhood heroes!

On a side note, I will be picking the final six entries for the contest over the next two days. So if you haven't leave your comments yet, please do so before I make my final picks!

Good luck to all!

A. said...

Hi Joe,

Thank you for the explanations that you have written under each character. The bit of history and background about TV shows or comic books is great for folks like me who are clueless and wouldn't know how/where to research.

Container Guy said...

One of my favourite childhood heroes as well. I introduced my kids to Ultraman this summer and they've been shooting Storium Kousen and other rays since then :-)

Tradition continues.

Thank you!

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